Co-design Online


Why use this guide?

Because this guide will use an illustrative case study of a co-design project that teaches the use of collaborative approaches, methods and tools.

The ACT Government and the Community Services Organisations have the responsibility to provide a service system that provides support to citizens with multiple and intensive needs.

To achieve this, co-design provides you with the methods and tools to develop and improve your services in a way that really meets the needs of citizens, because they have been included into the design.

What is the purpose of this Co-design Online?

Co-design Online shows how to work together with citizens in order to understand their experience and make improvements to services they require.

Co-design Online provides an illustrative case study of a co-design project. The Listening to Families Project that deals with the improvement of the service system for families with several and intensive support needs. It will walk you through all the phases of the project while introducing simultaneously a range of flexible tools for working collaboratively with citizens and their families.

While the focus is on a particular project, the provided tools can be equally applied to other projects.

Who is Co-design Online for?

Co-design Online is targeted to every member of a project that is trying to design new or improved services by involving and focusing on citizens.

When can I use this guide?

Co-design Online helps you to:


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